We are your local managed IT services provider you can trust and rely upon.

It’s a team effort.  Without you, we simply don’t exist.

At Techstream Solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering a superior service to clients no matter how large or small the task involved may be.  Technology is key within any corporate organisation and it is of the utmost importance to align your company with a reliable, trustworthy ITC Provider.

Understanding the stresses that technology can impose on any organisation, Techstream Solutions has been structured to deliver various support options to effectively resolve any technical issues that may arise.  Our Remote Help Desk offers over the phone assistance and on-line IT support whilst a team of expert System Engineers are available to provide on-site support including consultancy.  We care about your business performance and are here to optimise your office environment so it remains stable, current and most importantly efficient.

Techstream Solutions just want to be part of the team.  Whether we become your ITC Department or assist your internal ITC Department, our objectives remain the same.  We will make every effort to go beyond our client expectations and ensure our clients remain our top priority.

25 years IT support experience

With over 25 years’ experience and knowledge, understanding technology has become second nature.  We live, breath and strive to maintain our vast knowledge of products within the marketplace and to ensure we align ourselves with the best partnerships to better service our clients.  Our focus after all is to ensure we provide the best IT support, services and solutions, knowing we have exhausted all avenues of technology.

Techstream Solutions also specialises in data recovery solutions.  Our team of specialised engineers have the expertise to assist with the decryption and fast recovery of viruses including Cryptolocker.  Furthermore, measures of prevention are also encouraged to eliminate future security risks.

Establishing trusted partnerships with our clients

We have been fortunate enough to receive most of our client referrals through “Word of Mouth”.  We are very proud of this achievement as it not only demonstrates our client satisfaction, but also validates our commitment to our clients.   Providing an honest, caring and professional approach is part of our everyday culture at Techstream Solutions.  Because we place so much importance upon our customer service we strive to turn our relationship with you into a true trusted partnership.