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Techstream Solutions advanced IT security services have been designed to proactively protect your IT environment and mitigate the risk of a cyber attack happening to your organisation. With cyber security attacks becoming more sophisticated, ensuring your IT environment is secure has never been so important. We provide expert IT security solutions for Sydney businesses, corporations, government agencies and not-for-profits.
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Expert IT Security Sydney. Solutions that proactively protect and mitigate the risk of a cyber attack on your organisation.

IT Security Sydney. Solutions for all businesses and organisations.

Techstream Solutions understands first hand the importance for an organisation to protect their environment against a cyber security attack. Our comprehensive IT security services offer advanced protection from malicious threats and vulnerabilities. Our IT security Sydney experts will effectively mitigate the risk of a cyber attack by proactively protecting systems, network environments, programs and devices.

IT Security Sydney

What is a cyber attack?

A cyber attack is designed to unleash immense disruption and damage to even the most resilient of businesses.

A cyber attack is a malicious and deliberate attempt by a person or organisation to illegally access information from a system owned by another person or organisation.  As a result, their aim is to target vulnerable organisations to steal, alter and destroy systems including data.

Common types of cyber attack

  • Malware attack
  • Password attack
  • Phishing attack
  • Spoofing attack
  • Denial of service attack
  • Drive-by attack

The importance of Computer Security. IT Security Sydney

We know that cyber security is constantly evolving.  For instance, we know that cyber attackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated with their attempts to lure businesses.  As a result, Techstream Solutions will implement robust security measures to shield businesses against a cyber attack.

By protecting your most valuable business resource, Techstream Solutions will minimise the potential impacts of a cyber attack.

The impact a cyber attack can have on your business: 

  • data loss
  • income loss
  • loss of customers
  • theft of sensitive data
  • theft of money
  • identity theft
  • disruption to trading
  • cost to repair systems
IT Security Sydney


How we keep your business safe from cyber attack.

When it comes to IT Security for Sydney businesses and beyond, Techstream Solutions is focused on providing a holistic solution.  Above all, we understand the importance of business IT security.  To mitigate any threats of a cyber attack, we start the process with a comprehensive assessment of the IT environment. This enables Techstream Solutions to identify any security vulnerabilities and develop a solution that will maximise protection.  This will include:

IT Security Sydney - Cyber Security Sydney

Above all, Techstream Solutions aims to protect your organisation from any such threats with our advanced cyber security solutions. Furthermore, in the event of a suspected security reach, we want our clients to experience quick and effective restoration of their workplace environment.

Implementing industry leading IT Security solutions in conjunction with our managed services ensures minimal risk of an attack. By identifying the risks and implementing the necessary layers to protect your business, we are able to deter and limit the impact of any potential attack.

Techstream Solutions proudly partners with industry leading experts in the field of threat management.  Our aim is to protect our client’s workplace environment on all fronts.

IT Security sydney

Reliable IT services that set you up for success.

We understand that technology plays an essential role in any organisation.   As such it is important for organisations to firstly; invest in the right infrastructure and secondly; align their business with a trusted IT Service Provider. After all, by improving efficiencies within the business, you are increasing productivity and performance.  Ultimately allowing you to focus on your core business including development and growth .

By engaging Techstream Solutions, you can enjoy dependable and consistent support, services and solutions by our expert team.  Furthermore, we will understand your business requirements and deliver innovative solutions to complement your infrastructure.

Our Systems Engineers are readily available to provide support services Australia wide through the following support models:

White Stream

White Stream is designed for businesses who require flexible and dependable IT support services and consultancy solutions on a needs basis. Enjoy the benefits of a no locked in contract. Furthermore, organisations can access a comprehensive range of technology resources, available to utilise whenever may be required.

Proactive monitoring
Access to help desk support team
Local expert technicians
Ad-hoc and onsite support
Free on-going consultancy
No locked in contract
Green Stream

A comprehensive IT service and support solution with the flexibility to tailor to your specific IT requirements. Green Steam is ideally suited to businesses with limited or no support infrastructure, whereby you can enjoy the freedom to design your own package based on a comprehensive selection of IT support services.

Infrastructure and network implementations
On-going technical support
Bespoke and industry based software support
Assisting existing internal technology departments
Stream 360

Stream 360 is an all-encompassing monitoring, support and maintenance package designed for businesses of all sizes. Techstream Solutions will effectively become your “IT Department”. As a result, we take over the stresses and management of your day to day technology environment.

Package Benefits
Priority Help Desk support
Local expert Technicians
Proactive monitoring and maintenance
Industry leading security and policy based protection
Business development consultancy

What our client’s say…

  • Rebecca Mitchell

    As a website developer, I rely on my computer to complete my work each day. Knowing that Techstream is available to fix whatever computer problems I may encounter gives me complete peace of mind. Their IT support is prompt and their computer support helpdesk team are always patient and understanding. I have used their onsite and remote computer support. I wouldn't have any hesitation recommending Techstream to all businesses - large and small.

  • Belle Property Manly

    We have worked with Ralph and the Team at Techstream IT for 4 years now and can highly recommend them. They are a team of highly skilled and very patient professionals.

  • Risk Logic

    Highly recommend! Ralph and the team went out of their way to provide a customised IT solution when we set up our new office and the ongoing support for the last 3 years has been outstanding. Will definitely be using them again in the future.

  • Loopholes

    Excellent service and reliable IT support when you need it.

  • Milliman
    Extremely happy with the service provided by Techstream Solutions! We needed custom work laptops for immediate use and they got everything delivered well ahead of schedule. Highly recommend 🙂
  • Clean Water Products

    We have been dealing with this company for many many years and I could not praise them enough for their great work, quick responses and everyone there knows what they are talking about and are very reliable & professional. Thank you Ralph and the team at Techstream Solutions.

Reliable business IT services

Based on the Northern Beaches, Techstream Solutions are Sydney IT consultants who provide computer support services to a wide range of industries, government bodies and not-for-profits.

Our clients enjoy a dedicated local computer support help desk and convenient ticket management system where our highly experienced consultants and engineers are readily available to provide effective ITC support assistance.  We understand that downtime can be stressful and very detrimental to your business operations.

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Optimising your IT environment

We aim to optimise your workplace IT environment so it will operate at maximum efficiency, attending to all your business computer support requirements including managed ITcloud servicesbackup and recovery and security.

Our IT consultants can manage every aspect of your ITC infrastructure projects and upgrades for private and corporate clients including: