Windows 10 Startup Speed Tip

windows 10 speed tips

Minimise day to day glitches with a handy tip to start your work day with a clean Windows 10 desktop and increase startup times.

Do you find when you shut down or sign out of Windows 10, it remembers and saves all the apps you had open?  Then it automatically launches the apps the moment you start your PC.  This is referred to as a “fast-boot” whereby apps continue to run in the background.

Truth of the matter is that it is always best to sign into a clean desktop.  Apps that run in the background unnecessarily use system resources (eg: RAM, CPU or Battery Life).  Furthermore, they could be using valuable internet data without your knowledge.

Background apps can compromise system performance resulting in your PC running slower.  In addition, any glitches that may have occurred in a previous session could remain present if you fast boot your PC rather than refresh.

Overall, it’s not recommended to have your installed apps running in the background 24/7.  As such, it is always best to avoid a fast system boot.

The Correct Way to Start Your Windows 10 System

The process to close background apps and to stop a fast boot from occurring is quite simple.  As mentioned above, shutting down your system is not enough and will not remove apps running in the background.

Therefore, the next time you switch on your PC, simply select “Restart” to perform a complete refresh of your system. This simple step will refresh your system providing a clean desktop to begin working.

Switching Off Installed Apps Running in the Background

Alternatively, if you would like to prevent installed apps running in the background on your Windows 10 Operating System:

  • Click the Start button
  • In the Search Menu Bar, type the words “background apps”
  • Click ON : OFF icon to select which apps you wish to run in the background
  • Once completed, Restart your computer.

By performing these simple steps, you can alleviate issues and make your system less susceptible to day to day glitches.  Most importantly, if you continue to experience issues with your system, contact Techstream Solutions Support Desk.  Our expert Technical Engineers are available to provide reliable IT Support and will resolve any technical problems you may be experiencing.

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