Protect Your Data with Office 365 Multi Factor Authentication

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With Office 365 Multi Factor Authentication, you can implement security measures beyond your password to provide that extra level of defense.

If you are looking for a great tool to protect your data, Office 365 Business allows the additional layer of security with its multi factor authentication (MFA), also known as two factor authentication.

With over 200 million monthly active users, Office 365 has become a hugely popular Cloud based application for businesses.  However as a result of its popularity, it has also become a prime target for cyber hackers looking for security weaknesses.

The importance of protecting data stored in Office 365 is vital.  With login credentials compromised daily, it is important to protect your business data. Office 365 multi factor authentication will significantly mitigate the risk of a cyber security attack.  However, as most cyber attacks occur due to human error, it is important to adopt additional methods.  This includes educating employees to recognise attacks and report them.

How The Multi-Factor Authentication Works?

With Office 365 two factor authentication, it is a simple yet effective process.

  1. Sign in to Office 365 using your login credentials and password.
  2. After you enter your password, you’ll be sent a code to your phone (or to whatever device/app you specified when you set up 2-step verification).
  3. When you receive the 6-digit code, enter it in the box and then choose Sign in.

To fast track the verification method, use the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone for 1-click verification!

Techstream Solutions recommends using an IT Service Provider to ensure your MFA is set up and configured correctly.  They will have administrator access required to set up the verification methods to complete the process.

As your trusted IT Service Provider, we will take a holistic approach when developing your business security requirements.  This includes setting up, configuring and proactively managing your security requirements.  Furthermore, we understand that the best weapon against cyber crime is awareness.  As such, we can assist with implementing training programs to educate employees on prevention.

With over 20 years knowledge and expertise, you can trust Techstream Solutions to help guide you through the process.  Best of all, you will make the best decision to protect your organisations resources and data.  Call us today for a chat.

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