Protect Your Business against email scams

protect your business from email scams

At Techstream Solutions, our focus is to protect your business against email scams, particularly as cyber security threats are on the increase within the workplace environment.

Email Spoofing is one of those scams you need to watch out for and protect your business from. Scammers are successfully targeting companies with an email scam that may lead to an inadvertent funds transfer. Most targeted are employees who have the authority to approve, request or make funds transfers.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Scammer disguises true source by making it look like an email from someone you know;
  • Public and private companies of all sizes have been affected by this type of scam;
  • Most companies rely on employees to be vigilant in pinpointing an email scam;
  • 84% of security breaches are performed by staff members not being vigilant.

Attached is a diagram outlining examples of email spoofing scams that may infiltrate a business: Click here

Techstream Solutions can Protect your Business?

In order to protect your business from email spoofing, Techstream Solutions offers business organisations who have their own email server, a Malicious Email Coding Alert Product (MECA) to alert users of any suspect emails entering their inbox.  We believe MECA can assist businesses and significantly reduce the risk of an email security threat.  It will support employees to become vigilant via “warning alerts” that will feature on the email when it looks suspicious.  Employees will then have the opportunity to assess and determine the nature of the email.

Furthermore, MECA is an affordable security measure that will provide businesses peace of mind.  Employers are no longer relying on staff alone to identify an email security threat.

Ensure security is a priority with MECA and protect your business today.

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