IT Services to Support Your Business Post COVID-19

post covid it support for business

The importance of having a trusted Managed IT Service Provider who can actively assist and provide expert IT Support, Services and Solutions to your business, is key within this current economic climate.

We know that COVID-19 has made significant changes to our work-life.  The requirement to adapt to a “work from home” environment was a huge adjustment for business as well as its employees.  On a technology front, it was important to ensure the home office IT environment was secure.  After all, we could not underestimate the requirement to protect business data from cyber attackers targeting vulnerable home offices.   As an IT Service Provider, Techstream Solutions assisted many clients with the transition to work from home, within a secure environment.  Overall, during this time, the IT industry was inundated and the demand for IT Services increased by up to 30%.

However, now as the dust begins to settle and restrictions ease around the country, employers are faced with their next workplace challenge.  The requirement to pandemic-proof offices.  For instance, the need to implement social distancing regulations as well as hygiene measures to ensure employees can return to work in a safe and compliant setting.    Most importantly, with a vaccine yet to be developed, employers could potentially be liable should an employee become sick at work.

What does the new technology workplace look like?

Australia was fortunate to flatten the curve quickly and reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, to minimise the risk of a second wave occurring, the focus for organisations must be the health, safety and hygiene of employees.

Will we see the increase of office automation?  For instance:

  • automated door opening;
  • virtual screens;
  • the use of smartphones to command actions around the office; or
  • voice activation to control audio, light and visual equipment.

This is a glimpse of what workplaces are likely to embrace to keep the office “germ free”. Experts predict office automation will become popular among larger corporations who can afford it.

However, what about smaller work spaces with a hot desk or open office floor plan? New regulations require employees to sit spaced 1.5m distance apart. Re-configuring to provide better consideration for personal space is just one aspect of creating a safe workplace.  Another is to reduce the number of employees within the office at any one time.  As a result, employers are staggering employees’ workdays between the home and office.

IT services to assist you through this next transition.

The importance of having a Managed IT Service Provider who can actively assist and provide reliable IT Support and Services to your business, is key within this fragile economic climate.  Business in general has been impacted by COVID-19.  Therefore, as a Managed Service Provider, Techstream Solutions’ aim is to minimise technology disruptions within the workplace. Senior System’s Engineer, Ralph Guardala says “We know that having unstable systems causes inefficiencies.  This has a knock-on effect, resulting in unnecessary frustration and pressure.  Unfortunately, this is not the time for businesses to be exposed, as a result of their vulnerable IT infrastructure.”

Furthermore, our focus is to ensure your business IT infrastructure will work effectively for you post pandemic.  As a result, we are actively providing the following IT Services:

  • Assess IT infrastructure is working for you in this current climate;
  • Assist with any requirements based on re-configuring the workplace to be compliant with COVID-19 regulations;
  • Equip systems (home or office) with the essential security capabilities;
  • Provide fast, reliable IT Support;
  • Protect data with effective back up and data recovery solutions.

Whether you are a small or large size organisation, Techstream Solutions has an expert team you can rely on for IT Support, Service and Solutions.  We will effectively managed your systems, so you can concentrate on getting back to business as usual.

If you require a fresh approach with your businesses IT Services, why not call us for a chat today.

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