Case Study | Office 365 Migration and Infrastructure Upgrade

office 365 migration sydney
Project :

Office 365 migration and IT infrastructure upgrade.

Client :

Universal Aesthetics.

Universal Aesthetics (UA) is a Sydney based privately owned company.  They are the leading distributors to some of the largest international luxury spa and natural skincare brands. Furthermore, UA is today recognised as one of the foremost suppliers and consultants in the Australasian beauty industry.

UA has been a long-term valued client of Techstream Solutions.  As such, we have provided IT support, services and solutions.

Skincare Distribution Company - Universal Aesthetics Pty Ltd | UAPL

Client’s IT Requirements

Universal Aesthetics housed their own exchange server, which had become an aging IT infrastructure.  Typically, a server’s life span is approx. 3-3.5 years. However, UA’s exchange server was beyond its life expectancy.  As a result, it was creating an unstable environment.  The client was reporting weekly access issues, they were experiencing outlook disconnections and using physical infrastructure to host email.

Aging infrastructure brings a lot of hidden costs.  In the case of Universal Aesthetics, it affected system performance which led to rising maintenance costs, not to mention energy inefficiencies.

Whilst Techstream Solutions did their best to maintain the existing infrastructure, it had become necessary for Universal Aesthetics to upgrade their environment.

Our IT Solution

Techstream Solutions recommended a public cloud hosted solution for Universal Aesthetics.  An Office 365 migration was carefully planned and designed to provide the client with a reliable, secure and scalable solution. Best of all, with a public cloud hosted solution, there was no longer the requirement to house onsite hardware or any capital expenditure associated with hardware purchases.

Once completed, the Office 365 migration proved to be a successful solution for Universal Aesthetics.  They are no longer experiencing downtime or disconnections due to aging infrastructure.  Outlook remains always connected and online.  Furthermore, the removal of physical on-site hardware has lowered maintenance costs.

Overall, the infrastructure upgrade to a public cloud hosted environment was a successful solution for Universal Aesthetics.  Most importantly, it supported UA’s business structure and fulfilled their technology requirements.

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