Advantages of Partial Outsourcing of IT Departments to a Managed Service Provider

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Partial outsourcing of your IT departments to a managed service provider can optimise your team’s performance plus boost your business growth and productivity.

Partial outsourcing of IT Departments can be very beneficial for businesses. As such, there are many reasons why businesses choose to partially outsource their IT requirements to a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

These include:

  1. Internal IT Department requires additional support to manage the current infrastructure;
  2. Restructuring of IT Departments to reduce overall costs, but achieve better results;
  3. Internal IT Department requires additional assistance to meet business objectives.

Partial outsourcing of your IT workload to a Managed Service Provider makes perfect sense. That’s because MSP’s can perform almost any task done by an internal IT department. That’s not to say that there isn’t value in an internal IT department.  However, acknowledging that the IT needs of today’s businesses have changed, outsourcing some or all IT tasks is a very attractive option.

What are the advantages of partial MSP outsourcing

Outsourcing to a trusted MSP will potentially optimise your team’s performance as well as boost your business growth and productivity. As MSP’s, we have seen firsthand the importance of business technology in these uncertain times. As such, partial outsourcing can provide many advantages that can take your business to the next level. Below are just some of the many advantages.

Access to an Expert Team of IT Professionals

When you hire the services of an external MSP, you have access to an entire team of expert System Engineers.  From IT support, cloud services and networking specialists to security, storage and communications professionals. You will enjoy the benefits of accessing a specialised team to complement your IT Department. Most importantly, organisations will have the right resources available, when required.


Partial outsourcing allows your business to have the best of both worlds.  You have the convenience of your own internal IT department with the additional trusted partnership of an MSP.  As a result, you can focus on your core business tasks.

Cost Savings

Firstly, hiring staff can be costly, particularly when you consider recruitment fees, training and staff turnover.  Furthermore, IT is a very specialised industry. As such, it contains many disciplines (ie: security, cloud, storage, communications, networking etc). Most companies cannot afford to employ experts in each area. Therefore, partial outsourcing allows businesses to maintain core IT staff and have access to a full team of IT professionals when they need it.

Secondly, entering a Managed Service Agreement (MSA) can be advantageous for business. When you have an MSA in place, MSP’s are financially motivated to keep an environment optimised. An MSP will focus on maintaining an IT infrastructure to avoid costly unforeseen issues from occurring. As a result their IT team will put in the extra hours to ensure smooth operations of your IT infrastructure.

Scalable Resources

Partial outsourcing of IT Departments makes smart business. After all having a full IT Department can be a costly resource. By partnering with an MSP, you can effectively scale your requirements based on the demands of your business.

Consistent results

As a trusted MSP, we understand the importance of measuring our own activity. Afterall, our aim is to consistently improve our client’s IT service experience by delivering effective solutions.


Overall, partial outsourcing of your IT Department to an MSP is certainly worth investigating. However, whilst it has many advantages, it is very important to align your business with a trusted MSP. Ensure you do your research and develop a criteria based on your requirements. Afterall, entering in an agreement with an MSP who does not meet the requirements, is not beneficial for any business. For more information about Techstream Solutions and how we can assist your business, call us for a chat today.r ITC infrastructure projects and upgrades.

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