Engage an IT Service Provider to optimise your business for success!

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Engaging the services of a local, Sydney IT service provider could be the best decision you’ve made for your business.

Techstream Solutions, is a Sydney based IT Service Provider. We provide IT Support as well as Managed IT Services Sydney-wide.  As an IT Service Provider, we optimise IT environments for businesses of all sizes.   As a result, we implement strategies to ensure your workplace IT infrastructures are running efficiently, within a stable and secure environment. Furthermore, we set out to provide the right computer and IT solutions for your business requirements.

The benefits an IT service provider supplies

Following are 10 reasons why engaging the services of an IT Service Provider is the right move for your business:

Focus on Running Your Business 

As an IT Support & Service Provider, Techstream Solutions can take 100% control of your IT environment. That means you can focus on working on your business rather than technology issues.   We will ensure your technology requirements are met so you can focus on successfully driving your business forward.

Return on Investments 

Specialists are expensive to employ and difficult to find at the best of times. It is also difficult to justify employing a professional when your business only requires them intermittently. At Techstream Solutions, your business will have access to our entire team of IT support and service professionals, whatever your IT requirements may be.

Tailor an IT Strategy for Business Growth & Success

From the moment you engage the services of Techstream Solutions, our first task is to conduct an IT audit on your IT infrastructure. Therefore, we aim to understand your business goals and objectives and then provide a tailored solution to meet these requirements. When considering a strategy, Techstream Solutions may recommend a Managed Service Agreement to be the best approach. After all, our aim is to use IT strategically to ensure productivity is guaranteed and amplified.

Access to a Variety of IT Services 

As IT professionals, Techstream Solutions’ main objective is to understand the customer’s requirements and develop the right IT services and solutions required to serve these needs. For example, our Stream Packages are designed to offer flexibility, value for money as well as varied levels of support.

Technology Innovation 

At Techstream Solutions, we live and breath technology. It’s safe to say that our team of experts keep up to date with the information relating to the latest and greatest technology on the market.

Reduce and Control Operating Costs 

Engaging the services of Techstream Solutions is like having your own IT Department without the expense of employing full time staff. You will enjoy fast and reliable IT Support. In fact, if you consider a managed IT service agreement, you will be able to effectively budget monthly spend whilst enjoying consistent service, monitoring and maintenance.

Predictable Monthly Budget 

When opting into a Managed IT Service agreement, we provide a fixed monthly cost for businesses. Any additional work outside these agreements are quoted for and discussed prior to implementation.

Asset Management 

As part of our services, Techstream Solutions offers IT Asset Management whereby an inventory of infrastructure is recorded and maintained to ensure all hardware and software are serving your business optimally. With outdated technology, productivity is likely to decrease, and security can be jeopardised.   IT Asset Management allows you to stay in control by keeping track.

Vendor Relationships 

With over 20 years’ experience, Techstream Solutions has sourced the best vendors to assist with hardware and software purchases. We have established relationships with these vendors to ensure our clients receive the best value for bulk purchases and/or leasing options.


At Techstream Solutions our Service Level Agreements ensure we remain committed and accountable in fulfilling the tasks outlined within the terms.   Our technical team on site and behind the scenes guarantee the level of service outlined will be delivered effectively.

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Reliable business IT services for all industries.

Based on the Northern Beaches, Techstream Solutions are Sydney IT consultants who provide computer support services to a wide range of industries, government bodies and not-for-profits.

Our clients enjoy a dedicated local computer support help desk and convenient ticket management system where our highly experienced consultants and engineers are readily available to provide effective ITC support assistance.  We understand that downtime can be stressful and very detrimental to your business operations.

Optimising your workplace IT environment

We aim to optimise your workplace IT environment so it will operate at maximum efficiency. Furthermore, any ITC issues will be resolved swiftly by our expert support team. Overall, we can attend to all your business computer support requirements including managed IT, cloud services, backup and recovery,  and security. Our IT consultants can manage every aspect of your ITC infrastructure projects and upgrades.

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