Is Your Home Operating Environment Secure?

home operating environment secuirty

Protecting your Home Operating Environment from a cyber-attack during COVID-19 is essential. Minimise the risk of a cyber-attack on your business with enterprise grade security solutions.


These are challenging times as we grapple with the COVID-19 crisis and the impact it has had on business.  As IT Service Providers, we have been actively assisting organisations who have adopted work-from-home policies.  Whilst remote access has many advantages,  it has also highlighted potential security vulnerabilities.  For example, a home operating environment can pose as a significant security risk to a business if security capabilities on devices have not been implemented.

We know that cyber attackers are taking advantage and exploiting businesses with COVID-19 scams.  Our blog Beware of COVID-19 Scams covers this in detailAs well as the phishing emails, malicious links and online scams, attackers are targeting people who are working from home. Attackers are targeting individuals who haven’t applied the same security on their networks as would be in place in a corporate environment.  Furthermore, attackers are aware that in the panic of implementing work from home policies, many organisations did not prepare the right technologies to ensure security protections.  As a result, the risk of a cyber security attack is much higher.

Providing Robust Security Measures to Minimise Cyber Attacks Within Your Home Operating Environment

To minimise the threat of a cyber-attack within a home operating environment, businesses must ensure all devices whether privately owned or business owned, are equipped with essential security capabilities.  As mentioned above, we must mirror the same network practices that exist within an office, to all remote environments. Some of these security measures include:

  • Computer Operating System is up-to-date;
  • Securely connecting users to cloud and on-premise applications;
  • Endpoint protection on devices;
  • Secure VPN connection;
  • Implementing multi-factor authentication;
  • Password security;
  • Email content filtering.

Furthermore, it’s also important to avoid mixing business with pleasure.  Using your work laptop for personal purposes can be risky business for both yourself and company.

How can Techstream Solutions assist?

As a Managed IT Service Provider, Techstream Solutions can ensure your business operates in a secure environment.  We will proactively manage and monitor every aspect of your IT infrastructure.  Most importantly, we will provide enterprise grade security solutions for home operating environments to minimise the risk of a cyber security threat to your business.

Techstream Solutions is currently offering a Home Security Checklist service.  For those who may be concerned, we can offer peace of mind.  We will assess your Home Operating Environment safely via our remote access tools and provide a full health report that outlines any vulnerabilities.  Best of all, we can further assist with implementing the necessary security measures required to protect you.


Home Security Checklist



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