Case Study | Computer Infrastructure Updates and Ongoing IT Support

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Project :

Business computer system upgrade and ongoing managed IT services.

Client :

Brescia Furniture Sydney.

Brescia furniture is a renowned family retail business that has been operating in Australia since the 1960’s. Techstream (previously IBTHO) has been working with Brescia since early 2000.  During this time, Techstream Solutions has implemented multiple IT infrastructure upgrades in an effort to keep their systems current and accommodate their changing environment.

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Client’s IT Requirements

The initial requirement for Brescia when IBTHO was first engaged was service orientated.  They felt their current IT provider did not deliver efficient service or support and as a result the productivity of staff was poor primarily as a result of their technology infrastructure.  Brescia required a proactive ITC Company who had the expertise and knowledge to offer guidance, a new direction and the foundation of an excellent support service.

Brescia’s main concern was that they needed to improve communication performance between their head office, city store and warehouse.  At the time they had a 128k leased line connection which connected their offices to allow access to their Novell Netware File server, Groupwise Email server and custom CRM system. Due to the cost of networks at the time the speed between offices was causing staff to wait a frustrating 30 minutes or more to log into applications each time. Staff had no choice, but to sit and wait after each change or entry, impacting productivity greatly.   With staff spending most of their time waiting for their computers to process requests and their IT support company unable to offer a better solution blaming technology restrictions, Brescia set out to find another solution.

Our IT Solutions

At the time, network speeds were a major issue for Australian businesses.  IBTHO engineers worked on a solution that would prove both light on the network with the ability to still access all systems and applications located at head office. The solution involved the upgrade of servers to current versions including Novel Netware and Groupwise and the implementation of Citrix for remote access. Once the upgrade was completed, staff in remote locations were working just as efficiently as those at head office. It also allowed management to realise that the need for expensive private network connections between the offices to access data was no longer required.  As a result this infrastructure solution presented the ability for expansion of the Brescia brand with further stores opening throughout Sydney. More information about our internet connectivity services »

Over time the solution was upgraded to continue to meet Brescia’s growing company requirements. The move to a Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange meant the implementation of the Microsoft Office suite.   The benefits of this software installation eliminated the requirement for intense training of the older Novel Netware and Groupwise applications which proved to be a constant issue in the retail industry with a high turnover of staff.  It also allowed for simple email configurations on mobile phones as the shift to email communication was becoming an industry standard and staff were constantly on the go.

As Brescia’s business evolved and with technology constantly changing, they finally moved to their current setup which includes a privately hosted cloud environment where they have the ability to use the services that best suit their business. With a mixture of Office 365, Microsoft Server Remote Desktop services and an upgraded CRM system they can now work from anywhere around the world at any time with the knowledge and assurance that their systems and data are protected and accessible 24/7. More information about our cloud hosting and Office 365 support services »

Ongoing ITC Support and Computer Maintenance

Techstream Solutions has provided support at all levels to Brescia Furniture over the years including onsite IT support, remote assistance for staff both local and overseas and maintenance for all technology systems and hardware. During the time that their email servers including Groupwise and Exchange servers were built and managed by IBTHO/Techstream we proudly maintained a 100% uptime with no unscheduled outages. This SLA still beats current Office 365 figures. Techstream Solutions will continue to work with Brescia to ensure their technology requirements are met with the best solutions for them moving into the future.

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