Case Study | Cloud Solutions for Not-For-Profit Organisation

Cloud Solutions for Not-For-Profit Organisation
Project :

Cloud Solutions for Not-For-Profit Organisation – Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online and SharePoint Migration

Client :

Brookvale based Northern Beaches Not-For-Profit organisation

Techstream Solutions were approached by a local northern beaches not-for-profit organisation who were looking to upgrade their current IT infrastructure.  They had successfully applied for a government grant for technology funding and as a result, were looking for a cloud based solution to meet their growing requirements.

This not-for-profit organisation have a tireless commitment to service the community throughout Australia.  For instance, they provide counseling support, information, referrals and advocacy for people who have certain disorders. In addition, their invaluable support also extends to families and carers.

Overall, through their good work, this member-based organisation now serves as a peak body for the Australian community. Therefore, this much needed government technology grant will allow them to use these funds to upgrade their aging IT infrastructure.  Most importantly, with the right technology infrastrucutre in place, this NFP organisation can continue to grow and provide more support and services to our community.

Cloud Solutions for Not-For-Profit organisation

Client’s IT requirements

Our NFP client was experiencing multiple issues with their current IT infrastructure. As a result, they were keen to use their government grant towards a cloud solution for their email and data storage.  These two areas hindered their ability to work efficiently, effectively or securely.


The original email set up was hosted by a small internet service provider.  As such, the platform did not support two factor authentication, activesync or provide enhanced webmail.

Data Storage:

Our engineers identified that data was located on a single workstation PC, within their office.  This exposed the organisation to various problems.

  • Risk of data loss due to no disk redundancy and inconsistent backups.
  • There is no remote access to files when working remotely from home. This proved challenging during COVID times.
  • Overall, business continuity is difficult with the current infrastructure set up.

Cloud Solutions for Not-For-Profit Organisation – Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online & SharePoint

After thorough assessment, the project team at Techstream Solutions suggested a cloud-based solution firstly, using Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online for email and secondly to migrate their network share into SharePoint. Overall, this would provide a secure, powerful communication, storage and information exchange system.

Microsoft Exchange Online is the ideal hosted email for business and is included in all MS Office 365 subscriptions that include email services. It has many great features and provides users with anywhere access to email. Enjoy 99.9% guaranteed uptime and advanced security capabilities.

SharePoint is an excellent cloud-based platform that allows data/files to be easily shared and stored. Overall, its effortless collaboration makes it easy to create and share business information from a single location.

IT Support Outcomes

Overall, the cloud-based solution has been very successful.  It has met the IT requirements of this NFP organisation who are now enjoying better productivity, enhanced security, effortless collaboration and simplified information exchange.

All staff members can now work remotely. There is no longer the restriction to be physically in their office to access files and they now have secure cloud-based access to files from their remote locations.

As a Not-For-Profit organisation, our client also qualified to receive Microsoft Office 365 licenses at a discounted rate.

Most importantly, MS Office 365 meets Industry and Government compliance regulations (certified as compliant with ISO 27001 standards)

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