Basics of Email Security

Email Security

With 90% of cyber attacks beginning in your inbox, we should never underestimate the importance of email security.

Email is an essential communication tool for business and everyday living, yet a prime target for cyber threats. Understanding the hidden dangers in your inbox to safeguard yourself, your employees and your business should be a priority.

Why is email security so important?

It’s not rocket science to know that cyber criminals are becoming more elaborate with their scams.  Chances are that your inbox is receiving hundreds of phishing emails. Phishing is a tactic used to trick people through deceptive emails to steal sensitive data. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book for cybercriminals— and they are continuously evolving their tactics, making today’s email environment increasingly challenging to navigate. Fortunately, email security solutions help by scanning emails for suspicious content and educating users to recognise and avoid phishing attempts.

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

As our online networks grow and digital transactions become more prevalent, so do cyberthreats. One of the more popular techniques is Business Email Compromise (BEC), a cyberattack where hackers use unauthorised email access to gain critical information or finances.

If a cybercriminal gains unauthorised access or impersonates your email account, it’s not without reason.  They aim to intercept or gain access to your private business data and communications to scam organisations out of money.  They can also use your email to convince others, including your clients, to click on malicious links, open malware attachments or share sensitive information.

The Australian Signals Directorate’s Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ASD’s ACSC) Annual Cyber Threat Report 2020-21 puts self-reported losses for business email compromise at $81.45 million for the 2020-21 financial year. In the same period, business email compromise made up nearly 7% of all cybercrime reports.

The above Australian statistics for business email compromise (BEC) are reason enough for businesses to understand the importance of email security.

Has Your Email Account Has Been Compromised?

Examples of common issues encounter when a cyber criminal has accessed your email account:

  • Issues accessing your email account (eg: password is incorrect)
  • You locate suspicious emails in your sent folder
  • You receive unexpected password reset notifications
  • You notice sign ins from unusual IP addresses, devices, and/or browsers

In certain instances, it can go unnoticed until one of your contacts reports questionable emails originating from your account. Most importantly, if your emails are compromised, contact your Managed IT Services Provider immediately and speak with their Help Desk or Cyber Security Experts to take immediate action.

Email Security Solutions

Email Security Solutions

Techstream Solutions are a trusted Managed IT Services Provider with over 25 years experience.  We are experts in Cyber Security, providing innovative solutions to help you mitigate the risk of a cyber attack occurring.  We can help you stay on top of cyber threats with our email security solution offering:

  • Deep analysis of multiple message attributes to detect and halt Business Email Compromise (BEC) tactics before they infiltrate
  • AI-powered detection technology
  • Seamless integrations with Microsoft 365 including multi-factor authentication to minimise operational disruptions and reduce administrative workload.

For further information regarding email security for small or medium business, why not contact us today.  Click here to access the Australian Signals Directorate recommendations for email security.

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