10 Ways To Secure Your Data

10 ways to protect your data - cyber security

Don’t become a statistic, it is time to secure your data.

Australia has been on the receiving end of some very sophisticated cyber security attacks.  For small to medium businesses (SMB’s), it’s important to understand that these cyber-attacks don’t just happen to large corporations.   Infact, 43% of cyber-attacks target SME’s, due to their vulnerability and lack of cyber security resources. Following are ways you can secure your data to mitigate the risk of a cyber attack occurring to your business.

10 ways to Secure Your Data:

  1. Back up and Disaster Recovery:

Onsite backup solutions are convenient and effective.  For example, backups are saved on local storage device like external or removable devices.  However, a safer method to secure your data is via a cloud server backup and storage solution at a highly secure offsite location. The most robust cloud solutions involve encrypting your data before moving it through a secure cloud channel.   Authorised users can only access the encrypted data.

  1. Strong Passwords:

Ensuring all employees and anyone who has access to your IT infrastructure are trained to understand the importance of strong password security. This applies to all devices from smartphones and laptops to tablets, email accounts and computers.

  1. Secure Network Connection for Remote Workers:

Remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic saw a significant increase in the number in security-attacks.  This was due to unsecured and vulnerable hardware and network connections.  Businesses should identify vulnerabilities and ensure their remote working policies are as robust as their internal office security policies.

  1. Detect Suspicious Emails

Email phishing is one of the most frequent forms of cyber-attacks.  However, despite how much we think we know about these scams, they still catch us out all too often. Therefore, education is key to identifying a suspicious email.  Checking for obvious signs such as:

  • The message is sent from a public domain (eg: gmail.com);
  • The domain name is misspelt;
  • The email is written poorly and contains poor spelling and grammar;
  • It includes a suspicious link or attachment;
  • The message creates a sense of urgency.

Overall, if the email looks suspicious, don’t trust it and report to your IT Department or IT Services Provider.

  1. Install Anti-Virus and Malware Protection

Antivirus software is a data security utility that is installed in a computer system. It essentially keeps an eye on all the files that enter your system.  All files are scanned to check for any peculiarity or maliciousness. As the name suggests, its purpose is to protect against viruses including spyware, malware, trojans, phishing attacks, spam attack and other online cyber security threats.

Malware protection is also effective as it performs regular scans to detect the presence of any hacker or hacking based programs in the computer network.

Keeping your antivirus and malware protection software up to date is just as important.  It will ensure they can detect and block any new viruses from entering your device.

  1. Install a Firewall

A Firewall is a security network designed to protect computer systems and networks from malicious attacks.  The main purpose of a firewall is to monitor network traffic and restrict any unauthorized entry.

  1. Lock Your Desk When You’re Away From Your Desk

Locking your screen when you leave your desk will prevent someone from accessing your computer. To lock your screen simply press and hold the “Windows” logo key on your keyboard as well as the “L” key.  As a result, this will take you to your Windows sign-in page where you can enter your password to reenter your computer.

  1. Keep On Top of Who Has Access To Your Systems

Onboarding and offboarding of employees is critical to maintain security control of who has access to your IT systems. Allowing freedom of access, will ultimately leave your systems vulnerable. The fewer people with access, the better.

By onboarding new employees, you can control what accesses they require and for those employees who have left, you can permanently suspend their access. Visitors who have access to your IT systems and buildings should be clearly identified.

  1. Ensure your Wi-Fi is Secure:

Using public Wi-Fi or insecure connection could put data at risk. As such, you need to ensure that you always use a secure Wi-Fi Connection when using the internet.  Here are some ways you can secure your Wi-Fi connection:

  • Rename routers and networks.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Keep everything updated.
  • Turn on encryption.
  • Use multiple firewalls.
  • Turn off the WPS setting.
  • Use a VPN

10. Dispose of Old IT Equipment Securely

Before disposing any IT equipment, ensure no personal data remains on the device. Deletion software is available or if you lack time, hire a specialist to wipe the data.

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